Dear Google,*

We love you and we love Google+! We want users to be able to build G+ into a global community that thrives on the free flow of information about everything, including science, technology, literature, religion, politics and art. We desire diversity, not conformity. We expect dialogue, not ambiguous rules and subjective censorship.

We feel, just as in real life, users should be able to control what they are exposed to, but also be free to share and receive whatever they personally care about. Content controls are a better solution for everyone, instead of censorship.

We simply want freedom of choice!

Please, at a minimum, implement content control filters similar to what you already offer on Google Search and Blogger. We ask nothing more than to be able to control the legal content in our own streams.

G+ Users

* The petition is located here. 
We do not release names to the public. We simply seek “signs” of support to influence Google to implement controls for legal content and provide freedom of choice. The petition is nothing more than a Google Docs form hosted by Google – safe and free from spam.

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