November 23, 2011

Dost this flower offend thee?

If so, please kindly inform Google.

Yet another example of the inane flagging of art. I simply can't bring myself to deface this wonderful painting with a black bar, or a G+ logo as I have been lately in order to make a point. But this Georgia O'Keefe work has been flagged before.

Our children are taught art history and art appreciation in school textbooks without needing parental permission. Our public libraries, bookstores and museums are full of splendid works of art.

Yet we aren't old enough to enjoy "real life sharing" on G+?

Georgia O'Keefe – Blue Flower


Brennan Young said...

Google are completely disconnected from nature: Flowers are the genitals of plants. They have to perform similar jobs. They have to send out and receive "sperm" (i.e. pollen). Very often they have to be penetrated (by insects) to enable this to happen. They have to provide a secure way for the offspring (i.e. fruit) to develop. Therefore we should not be at all surprised that they resemble the genitals of other species, including ourselves. What is surprising is that anyone would find any of this high-school biology textbook stuff offensive. It is as natural as anything can possibly be. A beautiful painting of the genitals of any species (including homo sapiens) is a beautiful painting of the crucibles of life itself. Such images should be sacred, and exempt from all forms of censorship.

Fels Naptha said...

mmmm....Brennan, I get all squishy "down there" when you talk dirty...

and yes, I'm joking. The Google+ policies are inscrutable and bizarre.

I'm not surprised. Google is the new Microsoft. To paraphrase (and update) Cato the Elder "Google delenda est"