December 6, 2011

File under: Banned

Two artistic nudes by Chinese artist Feng Lumin are now officially banned – rejected for sharing. Well, sort of. There's a certain lack of consistency. I have one album containing only his artistic nudes on G+ and the two paintings below are now persona non grata – at least there. I have another album that has images from my original post protesting censorship on G+ and one of these images is not flagged  – over there. Wherever there is.

If you dislike this form of censorship on G+, please sign the OGC petition in support of influencing Google to implement content controls. If we had better tools, you wouldn't have to come here to appreciate Feng Lumin's beautiful art.


Pennyoz said...

I Don't understand why these pictures are *banned*. They are beautiful works of art.

MarkJohansen said...

how can this be! These are fabulous and imaginative paintings of the highest quality..... Banning such and image because of a nipple is INSANE.